The Singer Heavy Duty lineup of sewing machines makes easy work of all materials from rugged canvas to delicate lace. Durable, reliable, and versatile, Singer Heavy Duty sewing machines are tough enough to last the lifetime of your sewing journey. 

Heavy Duty

for All


A Sewing Machine for Everyone

Every Singer Heavy Duty sewing machine comes with features that make it the most versatile and reliable sewing machine on the market. 

What our customers say

I think what I love most about my Heavy Duty, is that no matter what textile I stumble upon, whether its curtains or salvaged denim or remnant fabric I find at the thrift store, the machine can handle everything. 


Hobby Sewist & Teacher 

Equipped with a durable, heavy duty motor 60% stronger than a standard sewing machine, you'll be able to handle heavyweight fabrics with ease.

A steel frame means you won't need to worry about your machine's longevity.

Metal Frame

Piercing Power

Stitch Applications

A range of utility and decorative stitch applications are available for a variety of fabric and project types.

Singer: A sewing legacy spanning generations

Since 1851, the name SINGER has been synonymous with sewing. The spirit of practical design and creative innovation that characterized the company at its beginning continues today as we develop products for every level of sewing. Trusted for generations, Singer continues to be the first name in sewing.

Heavy Duty for You

With eight models to choose from, you can find a Singer Heavy Duty sewing machine that fits your needs and ambitions. Explore the Heavy Duty lineup below, and entrust your sewing journey with the world's most trusted name in sewing. 


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Effortlessly threads the eye of the needle—eliminates eye strain and saves you time.

Place the button in the buttonhole foot and the machine sews a buttonhole perfectly sized for that button, delivering consistent results every time.

1-Step Buttonhole

Needle Threader

Top-Drop Bobbin

The transparent bobbin and cover allow you to monitor your thread supply so you don't run out of thread in the middle of a seam.

The Heavy Duty sewing machines are designed with your heavy duty projects in mind. 

With adjustable presser foot pressure, you can sew everything from very lightweight sheers to denim. Thanks to the machine’s powerful motor, you have extra high sewing speed to save you time. The stainless steel bedplate allows denim and other fabrics to glide over the machine with ease.  

Our Heavy Duty collection has expanded to meet growing customer needs. From mechanical, to computerized and compatible accessories, we have something for every project.  

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Timeless Features

Over 90 Stitch Applications

Stitch Dials

Extra High Sewing Speed

One-Step Buttonhole

Built-In Needle Threader

Drop Feed for darning/mending

All the Feaures of a Mechanical+

More Stitch Applications

Fonts & Stitch Customization

Speed Control

Automatic Thread Cutter

More Throat Space

Tie-Off Button





The Mechanical Lineup

Dependable Quality Machine
I liked this one enough myself that I bought one for my daughter. Heavy duty repairs like denim and gear are our most typical use. But I have sewn hundreds of gifts as well on all sorts of fabric. Trustworthy workhorse.

The Computerized Lineup


What An Upgrade
This is only my second sewing machine and it was such an upgrade. This machine does everything and then some. First off, it has a needle threader and a thread tie off button, these two things alone save me so much time and anguish. No matter what fabric you use, it flows through so smoothly. The Singer 6600c sews so quickly without messing up any stitches. It made a very quick job of sewing 4 big floor pillows. I was really happy to find I was able to sew through multiple layers of thick fabrics with ease including denim and even vinyl. I love the bright LCD screen, it's very easy to read and so convenient! One of my favorite things about this machine are all the different choices in terms of decorative stitching including hearts, waves, numbers, letters; you name it, it's an option. My second favorite feature, it sews button holes! You just put the button in the special button foot and it sews the perfect sized button hole. Absolutely Amazing! The Singer 6600c does so many things all while being so surprisingly quiet...


Keep sewing easy with the right Heavy Duty accessories. From beginners to advanced sewists, whatever level you're at, we have something for you!

There's a project for everyone. Everything from upcycling, to personalizing, to designing and creating your own garment we have a project with your name on it!


Customer Mechanical Favorite

Customer Computerized Favorite

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